18+ Proven Strategies To Increase Instant Blog’s Traffic Quickly

18+ Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog's Traffic by 412%

18+ Proven Strategies To Increase Instant Blog’s Traffic Quickly: All bloggers work daily to increase traffic on their blog, Is traffic not coming after all efforts? If your answer is yes, then today you will know the ways, after which your blog will grow fast and there are many such articles on the internet, how to increase traffic on the blog.

But to increase traffic on the website or blog, new experiments have to be done every day, while learning something new. There are thousands of ways to bring a lot of traffic, but I am telling you some good and best ways.

There is a reason for this that the methods that I am telling you are basic and are 100% important and also working. Most of the new bloggers work on only a few of these ways, due to which, after writing more than 100 posts, traffic on their blog does not come, if you are in the same condition then do not panic because all your problems will be solved today.

18+ Proven Strategies To Increase Instant Blog’s Traffic Quickly

In the beginning, all new bloggers waste a lot of time just designing blogs. And without any research, we create posts and pages on the blog. Due to which the initial hard work of new bloggers is wasted and in the initial times, traffic does not come on the blog.

If immediately after setting up the blog, after doing a bit of Keyword Research, write SEO Friendly Blog Post and work to increase traffic, then good traffic starts coming soon on the blog.

1. Professional Blog Design

Professional Blog Design

At the beginning of blogging, the most important thing for us is to create a professional-looking blog design. No one likes a blog with bad design and no one comes to the blog again. Due to bad blog design, people will leave the website immediately.

Which will increase the Bounce Rate? Due to which blog will not rank in any search engine and traffic will not come on your blog. And professional bloggers know this very well.

It has also been told in a study that 38% of visitors leave your blog without reading it because its design is not attractive. That is why make your blog user-friendly. So, It is very important to have a good website and blog design.

How To Make Blog Design User-Friendly?

  • Use fast loading themes like GeneratePress.
  • The theme should look professional.
  • Make blog design simple and easy.
  • Blog Theme should be lightweight.
  • Do not show excessive ads on the blog.
  • The theme should also be responsive.
  • Blog’s theme should be mobile-friendly.

2. Create Useful Content

create useful content

Everyone knows that content is king in the blogging world. This means that the better the content of your blog, the readers more will like your blog. Therefore, publish only quality content on your blog. Which is helpful and useful for users.

If your content is not good, then users will not visit your blog again, due to which your visitors will start getting reduced daily. That’s why most attention should be paid to your content.

Keep the Points Below in Mind to Improve the Content.

To improve the content of the blog, do thorough research on the subject of the post before writing the post and after understanding all the information, start writing the post.

  • Use the H1-H6 heading in the content so that the user can understand your content better.
  • Must use photos and infographics in content.
  • Avoid writing big paragraphs in content and write content in short paragraphs.
  • Write the content exactly as we explain it face-to-face to someone.
  • People do not like to waste their time, so do not add boring content in order to enlarge the article.
  • Provide correct and complete information in the content.

3. Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Linking one page to another page on the same domain is called Internal Linking. It connects one page on your website to another page.

Internal links help Google to find, index and understand pages on your site. And also improve website SEO. Therefore internal linking is important to rank well in Google.

The bounce rate is an important aspect of SEO. If visitors come to your post and leave immediately, then your site’s bounce rate increases. This affects your website SEO and search engine ranking.

For better SEO, the bounce rate is very important and internal linking is the best way to reduce bounce rate. This helps to keep visitors on the website for a long time.

How To Do Internal Linking?

Link to Important Pages: When you link to another page on your site, it passes the link juice to that page and helps to rank that page in Google. Link your new post with your high-authority pages. You will get a good benefit from this. And it also helps you to get backlinks.

Use Dofollow Links: If you want to give SEO value to other pages of your site through internal links, then you have to use Dofollow Links.

Use Keyword-Rich Anchor Text: If you want to get the most from internal links, then use Anchor Text.

Internal Linking at the Beginning of the Content: When you add an internal link at the beginning of your content, it helps reduce the bounce rate. You can allow visitors to click instantly by adding 1-2 internal links at the beginning of your content.

4. Keywords Research

Keywords Research

If you have designed your blog well then after that you have to focus on writing posts. If you write a post without keyword research, your posts will be very difficult to rank. So, you should do thorough keyword research on the topic on which you want to write the post.

How to Do Keyword Research

  • Search the topic on Google yourself and see its related posts.
  • Use Ubersuggest free keyword research tool.
  • Always try to write a post on the long tail keyword.
  • Use Advance SEO tools like Semrush and KW Finder, this will help you in doing advanced keyword research.
  • Select only those keywords whose search value is high but competition is low.

5. Blog Loading Speed

Blog Loading Speed

To bring traffic to the blog/website, it is necessary to increase the speed of the blog. When the loading speed of the website is not good, or the loading time of the blog is more. So traffic will not increase on our blog.

Because when visitors come to our blog, it takes more time to open the website page. Therefore, they leave that blog and go to another blog website. This is not good for us and without traffic, we cannot make success on our blog/website.

If your blog takes more than 2 seconds to load, then you should immediately optimize Blog Loading Speed.

You can use the Pingdom Speed Test, Gtmetrix, or Google PageSpeed Insights to check the loading speed of the blog.

Tips to Increase Website Loading Speed

  • Optimize Blog Images.
  • Minify Java scripts and CSS.
  • Use a lightweight theme.
  • Reduce Number Of Widgets.
  • Reduce Blog’s server response time.
  • Remove Background Image.
  • Avoid Too Many Ads
  • Buy Best Hosting

6. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important point to increase Blog Traffic because without SEO it is very difficult to get good traffic on any blog. Millions of visitors can come to the blog from the search engine in a day, for which it is necessary to make Blog Search Engine Friendly.

If the blog is not optimized for search engines, then organic traffic will not come on the blog. And all the ways to increase traffic will be of no use.

Types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO Optimization
  2. Off-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization: When you work on a blog, such as creating pages or posts or changing the design of the blog, then all these works are covered under on-page optimization.

To do On-Page Optimization on Blog, you have to optimize Blog Design, Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Tags, Internal Links, External links, Images, and Media, etc. for Search Engines.

If your blog is on WordPress then you will be able to do SEO easily through some plugins like RankMath, Yoast SEO and Jetpack.

Off-Page SEO Optimization: We have to do all the work of Off-Page Optimization outside our website. Such as making high-quality backlinks, social sites, driving traffic from forums, etc. 18+ Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 412%

7. Use of Social Media

Use of Social Media

Today, millions of people visit every day on big social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In such a situation, you have to pay attention to these social media as well.

On Social Sites, you can easily target people by creating a page with the name of the blog and increase the traffic of the blog.

How To Get Traffic From Social Media?

  • Create your account on social media.
  • Create a page related to your blog.
  • Start putting daily posts on the page, so that people will start visiting your page.
  • Add a link to the blog on your social media profile and page.

8. Publish a Blog List Post To Your Blog

Publish a Blog List Post To Your Blog

If very few people know about your blog, don’t worry, there is also a great solution for this. Which is called Blog Listing. Many bloggers are using it, they are benefiting from it.

On your blog, you have to publish a post in the blog listing. In which you have to add links to other bloggers’ blogs and their names and all have to give a do-follow link.

How To Publish a Blog Listing Post?

First of all create a form with the help of Google Doc, which add the fields of Blogger Name, Blog URL, Blog Age, Blog Description.

Now make a post on every social media page and group, in which write that you are going to publish a Blog Listing post in your blog. In which everyone will get a do-follow backlink.

Also, give a link to the form in which people will fill their blog information.

Now you will get a list of blogs in Google Docs, which you can publish in your post.

9. Mobile Friendly

In today’s time, more people run the internet from mobile. So make your blog mobile-friendly. So that all the mobile users can easily read the blog post on mobile.

Google also gives more priority to mobile-friendly blogs, so Google has created a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to optimize blogs.

10. Increase Traffic From Guest Post

Increase Traffic From Guest Post

To make a guest post, you must make at least one guest post every week by searching other Top Blogs with Topics related to your blog.

Guest posts can get not only a do-follow link to your blog but also a lot of traffic. More people say that guest post helps the blog to rank.

How to do Guest Post Correctly?

The domain authority and page authority of the blog on which the guest has to post should be more than the DA and PA of your blog.

Guest Post only on Blogs related to your Blog niche.

For the guest post, select the keyword with the highest search. At which traffic is high but competition is low.

The content of the guest post should be written in high quality and in a good way because it will create your good image and people will like to visit your blog.

11. Write Trends Article

It is very beneficial to write a post on the trends topics related to the topic of your blog if a post comes to the first page in google search, then a single post gets millions of views in a day.

Because of which the rank of your entire website or blog increases. You can use google trends to find trends topics.

12. Update Old Posts

As you know that information keeps changing with time, so to give updated information to your readers, you should update the posts periodically so that all your readers will get the information.

Updating old posts makes your old posts new. Google and other search engines index your posts again, which also increases traffic to your old posts.

13. Update Blog Regularly

To increase regular traffic, you must update regular new posts on your blog. Because the more new content your blog has, the more new readers will come to your blog.

14. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also the easiest way to increase traffic and No-Follow Backlinks. For this, you have to search the top blogs related to your blog and make comments on their posts.

While making comments, do provide your blog links in the website box. Which also gives no-follow backlinks to your blog.

No-follow backlinks increase the authority of your blog to some extent and by looking at your comments, people also try to learn about your blog and visit your site, which increases blog traffic.

15. Reduce Bounce Rate

To rank your posts in search engines, the bounce rate of the blog should be reduced as low as possible. You can see the bounce rate of your blog or website through Google Analytics.

For this, you have to make blog articles interesting and useful. The more photos and videos you use in posts, the lower the bounce rate. But it is very important to be useful as well as related to videos and images topic.

16. Accept Guest Post

The biggest advantage of accepting a guest post is that you get very good content and a post without hard work, which can be very useful for your readers, so definitely accept a guest post on your blog. 18+ Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 412%

17. Create a YouTube Channel

In today’s time, Youtube is among the hottest trends after Google, so definitely take the help of YouTube to increase traffic. To get traffic from youtube, make videos related to the topic of your blog and upload it on the youtube channel and give a link to the blog post in the description of the video.

The search engine also gives more priority to visual contents, so put Youtube videos in your blog posts. This will rank your blog post in the search engine and all people will have to understand your post.

18. Join Forums and Q & A Websites

Join Forums and Q & A Websites

Join all the forums related to the niche of your blog, because the same people join those forums who have related problems of those topics. In such a situation, you will get good and targeted traffic here.

Like, Quora which gets a lot of traffic, and only question answers are done there. You must create your account here and answer the queries of other people, which will give you good and targeted traffic.

How To Get Traffic From the Forum Website?

  • First of all, create your account on the forums website.
  • Be active daily on these websites.
  • Find the related question of your blog topic and give an answer to everyone one by one.
  • While answering the people, definitely add a link to your blog post which is related to that question.
  • Answer the questions with complete and correct information.

19. Build Trust

Be it a blog or any business, if people do not have trust in it, then it will never be successful. In the same way, even if the traffic on your blog is less, but if the trust of people is more on you or on your blog, then you will not believe that you can earn more money from other high traffic blogs.

Because people think again and again before buying anything, but if people trust you, then they trust your words without thinking.

How To Build Trust in People

  • The theme should look professional.
  • Then even if the post is written less, whenever it is written, write high quality.
  • Please reply to the comments of the people.
  • Know the problem of people on social media and give them their solution.
  • Always respect your every visitor
  • Become an expert in your work, only then people will start trusting you.

20. Post on Medium.Com

Medium.com is also a good source of increasing traffic because it gives you backlinks and if your content is good then you can have a good traffic drive on your blog.

21. Write Long Articles

Big posts mean traffic guaranteed. Because a big post is made only when there is something useful in it and is of use to everyone always gets its benefit and you too will definitely get its benefit.

Always try to make sure that your post should be at least 2000 words long. One advantage of writing large posts in this way is that it will increase the confidence in your visitors.

The important thing here is that even a large post can be written only if you have a unique topic to write.

Therefore, you too should always try to post unique content in your blog. With which you will get help in increasing traffic and your site traffic will definitely increase.


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